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OFFICIAL: Puerto Rico Votes in Favor of Statehood

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico voted overwhelmingly for statehood on Sunday in a choice that starts the means toward sending delegates to Washington, D.C.

As per the Wall Street Journal, 97 percent voted in favor of statehood. However, turnout was just around 23 percent. One and a half percent voted in favor of autonomy from the United States, as per Decision Desk HQ. While 1.3 percent of Puerto Rico voted to keep the present status of a domain of the United States.

It will now put its “Tennessee arrangement” energetically. Which means its senator will pick two legislators and five delegates to go to Washington, D.C., to demand statehood.

President Trump motioned amid his presidential crusade that he is interested in Puerto Rico formally turning into a state.

Puerto Rico beforehand voted for turning into a state in 2012. However, statehood rivals said the voter turnout was not sufficiently high to precisely reflect the will of the Puerto Rican individuals. Some dread that they will put forth a similar defense this time around.

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