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BREAKING : Race Baiter Jesse Jackson Assaults Trump, Cases to Represent GOD!

This is an amazing failure, notwithstanding for a race bedeviling ass like Jesse Jackson.

The dauntlessness of this man; who has ben associated with decades worth of race grading and other shady business; to claim to represent GOD HIMSELF iis incredible.

Presently; Jesse Jackson is guaranteeing that President Trump wouldn’t be permitted into paradise itself; really a disturbing and disdainful thing to state.

Jackson more likely than not overlooked “Let he who is without wrongdoing cast the primary stone” since he’s unquestionably got a couple of sins of his own conflicting with him.

In his tirade, Jackson additionally saaid the Constituent School; which he says “must descend” and be expelled from the race procedure; fundamentally, with the goal that California and New York can decide the result of races in the Assembled States.

Jesse “The Rev” probably neglected to take his prescription; notwithstanding fail to peruse his Sacred text, since he appears to be totally unhinged here.

Watch the video:

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