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WATCH: Republican Traitor Calls for Dems to Remove Trump from Office

Gordon Humphrey, a previous Republican representative is calling for Democrats to move to expel Trump from office utilizing the claim he is rationally unfit to serve.

All you truly need to think about Gordon Humphrey is he initially bolstered John Kasich and afterward went ahead to help Hillary Clinton against Trump.

This shocking backstabber to the gathering has the most serious instance of “Trump disturbance disorder” and “sore failure disorder” possible.

A previous Republican representative from New Hampshire approached Democrats to help a bill that would assess President Trump’s mental capacity to hold office.

Gordon Humphrey sent letters to a few Stone State Democrats to voice worries over Trump’s “rehashed hatred for educated and savvy guide” with respect to North Korea.

Another Hampshire columnist distributed Humphrey’s letter to Rep. Ann Kuster, in which he called Trump “wiped out,” “unsafe”; and also a man of “misguided thinking, combativeness, and heedless carelessness.”

Humphrey, who served two terms in the U.S. Senate, emphatically upheld Gov. John Kasich yet supported Hillary Clinton in 2016.

He also composed letters to Kuster, Rep. Tune Shea Doorman also Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan, asking them to help Rep. Jamie Raskin’s charge calling for Trump to experience an assessment.


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