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UNCOVERED: These 23 REPUBLICANS Voted In Favor Of TAXPAYER FUNDING of Military Transgender Surgeries and Treatment

The Place of Agents voted 214-209 to dismiss an alteration to the National Protection Approval Act that would also have restricted the Pentagon from paying for surgeries and hormone treatment for rationally aggravated people who are confounded about what sex they are.

Bizpac Audit finally detailed that this tragedy was made conceivable by 23 Republicans who deceived their gathering to vote with the Democrats.

The changes re’ proposed by Missouri Rep. Vicky Hartzler, and it would have spared citizens $1.3 billion throughout the following decade.

“This is tied in with tending to Korea, Russia, ISIS,” Hartzler finally said.

“We also require each protection dollar to go to meeting those dangers, not whatever else, and we have to ensure our troops re’ prepared.”

A month ago, Hartzler also stated, “The Obama transgender approach, which was executed without contribution from Individuals from Congress, is nonsensical and as opposed to our objectives of expanding troop preparation and putting guard dollars into tending to spending shortages of the past.”

“By enrolling and enabling transgender people to serve in our military we are also subjecting citizens to high restorative expenses including up to $130,000 per move surgery, lifetime hormone medicines, and extra surgeries to address the high rate of people who encounter confusions.”

“The deployability of people experiencing the sex move prepare exceedingly tricky,” Hartzler also proceeded. “Requiring 210 to 238 work days where a trooper is non-deployable after surgery.”

“This recuperation time likens to 1.4 million labor days where transgender staff can’t send and battle our country’s wars, subsequently depending on an officially focused on constrain to get the weight. It looks also bad to intentionally enroll people who can’t serve.”

Finally here are the 23 Republicans who voted against this correction:

Mike Coffman (Colorado).

Barbara Comstock (Virginia).

Dave Reichert (Washington).

Justin Amash; Jack Bergman (Michigan).

Paul Cook; Jeff Denham; Darrell Issa; Steve Knight (California).

Ryan Costello; Charlie Dent; Brian Fitzpatrick; Bill Shuster (Pennsylvania).

Carlos Curbelo; Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Florida).

John Faso; John Katko; Tom Reed; Elise Stefanik; Claudia Tenney (New York).

Leonard Lance; Frank LoBiondo; Tom MacArthur (New Jersey).

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