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Rosie O’Donnell Runs Her Enormous Mouth at Barron Trump IT BACKFIRES QUICKLY

The moment was truly disgraceful for the entire Trump family, which is also the reason it’s disgusting that Rosie O’Donnell endeavored to use it to attack the president.

Donald Trump’s 11-year-old youngster Barron was harmed yesterday when he considered film performer Kathy Griffin holding up his father’s detached head was veritable. Rosie also responded to a tweet by One America News have Liz Wheeler; who was imparting her inconvenience that Barron expected to experience that experience.

As opposed to agreeing with her, regardless, O’Donnell mockingly asked in the matter of whether Barron was surveying TMZ and after that charged that the “despise” supported by President Trump had provoked the injuring passings of two men in Portland, Metal., on Saturday.

Shockingly for O’Donnell, Twitter customers raced to beat her for eventually bringing Barron into her hatred for Trump:

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