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Samantha Power EXPOSED Over 250 American Voters Before Election

samantha power

Alleged reports from Devin Nunes about Obama exposing identities of voting Americans were confirmed true.

Thanks to a recent report we know WHO in the Obama Administration did the exposing. The report says that ex-UN Ambassador Samantha Power exposed more than 260 voters. Beginning from 2016 until the Presidents inauguration.

According to the unnamed sources, Samantha Power exposed almost one voter per day.

The Ambassador will appear on Capitol Hill to answer Congressional questions. Consequently, she will be answering questions about her involvement in the exposing. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nines informed the DNI Director Dan Coates that someone was exposing voters. However, they didn’t have a name, until now.

A week prior information about how Paul Manafold and the Awan Family were wiretapped. Coincidence?

However, who is asking the real question? How do Susan Rice, John Brennan and Barack Obama fit in all this?

They are NOT uninvolved. Spying and using if for your political favor? Someone has to go to JAIL.

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