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The AMAZING Sarah Huckabee Sanders Just PEELED OUT In A Secret Service Car

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

One of the more famous representatives of President Trump’s organization is press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders who is always defending the President on the podium every day with her familiar decency, sensitivity, and wisdom.

But like the President, she can also have fun sometimes. On Friday Sarah Huckabee Sanders along with President Trump visited the U.S. Secret Service Moran Vehicle Training Facility and she also took their car for a test drive on their obstacle course.

Check out her amazing driving skills in the video below which wass filmed by Roberta Rampton:

The car that she was driving is a Dodge Charger and I can tell you it’s completing a J-turn pretty amazing.

President Trump and Sarah were at the facility to check out the amazing limousines that were used for President Bill Clinton and also President Ronald Regan.

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