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UK SAS Kill 12 ISIS Extremists With Their Bare Hands After Being Ambushed in Iraq

A GROUP of SAS soldiers encompassed by up to 50 Islamic State radicals battled their approach to survival with their exposed hands, it has been guaranteed.

One British warrior suffocated a jihadist in a puddle. While another executed three fanatics by pounding the life out of them with the handle of his rifle.

Practically every individual from the first class unit come back to operations two days after their wonder get away from, a source told the Daily Star.

The group was purportedly trapped by the ISIS warriors as they finished a knowledge gathering operation near Mosul, northern Iraq.

Also, they battled in a four-hour firearm fight with the fear cell. Approximately 20 ISIS warriors were said to have been killed.

As opposed to being captured and guillotined, the group set out to go down battling, persuaded they were about to bite the dust.

They shook hands, said farewell to each other, and charged at the jihadis.

The source stated; “As opposed to passing on their knees, they went and charged the IS warriors who were moving along the waterway bed.

“They were shouting and swearing as they set about the terrorists. “Shooting a few residual projectiles and dropped a few psychological militants before setting about them with whatever weapons they had. “They bayoneted, sliced and beat the IS contenders to death.”

One soldier in the Special Boat Service, a world class unit of the Royal Navy; killed one of the terrorists by constraining his face into the mud and holding him down until the point when he suffocated.

“Another slaughtered three of the warriors by utilizing his attack rifle as a club.

“Others were cutting at the shooters who needed to catch the British troops alive.”

However, the officers were depicted as battling prefer “crazed warriors”, killing 12 psychological militants in the space of five minutes.

“It was an exemplary instance of Who Dares Wins,” the source included.

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