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Saudi Arabia Funds The Spread of Wahhabism in Kosovo

Wahhabism is a radical ideology prevailing in Saudi Arabia and preached by clerics supported by the regime in Riyadh. The ideology has been a source of motivation for inspiration for terrorists around the world.

Daesh and other Takfiri terrorist groups exploit Wahhabism to pronounce individuals of different religions “unbelievers”. Consequently, the idea gives justification for the terrorists to kill those people.

Sevim Dagdelen, a Left Party legislator, said on Wednesday it was “outrageous” that hard-line Saudi evangelists were active in Kosovo under the eyes of Western peacekeepers. Sources inside the administration have affirmed that contention.

As indicated by the German government, donors from Saudi Arabia and other Arab governments are apparently funding groups in Kosovo to fuel extremism.

As a result, Kosovo has been a major source of enlistment for Takfiri terrorist groups, like the Daesh, which is mainly active in Syria and Iraq.

According to a recent review by the International Center for Counter-Terrorism situated in The Hague, four European Union member states of Belgium, Britain, France and Germany have been marked as the biggest source of European militants battling in Iraq and Syria. The four European countries allegedly have 2,838 of their nationals go to those nations to join terror groups.

The center, which has utilized information given by 26 EU nations, said about 30% of European militants have returned home and around 14% were killed in the war zone. It said 17% of the aggressors were women.

In February, Belgium also expressed concern about the matter. A report by De Standaard daily paper said Belgium’s OCAM national crisis center had cautioned about Wahhabism. The report also said Saudi Arabia had started a “liberal” grant system for foreign students. Who are later encouraged to indoctrinate individuals with Wahhabism.

In April 2016, the Telegraph said Wahhabi preachers were spreading radicalism across Bosnia. As a result, Bosnian parents blamed Wahhabi devotees for recruiting their children to fight alongside activists in the Middle East.

Estimates say somewhere in the range of 30,000 foreign militants from around 104 nations were battling in Iraq and Syria. However European militants are probably going to come back to their home countries and, plot to complete attacks there.

Back in November 2015, Daesh claimed responsibility for a series of assaults in the French capital. Where about 130 individuals were killed. Investigations uncovered that the culprits were mostly situated in Belgium.

In March 2016, two bomb assaults in Belgium’s capital, Brussels, killed at least 14 individuals and left about 100 individuals injured.

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