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Sean Hannity EXPOSES The Media And Mueller’s NASTY Secret

Sean Hannity

The one of the few left on TV who still calls out the BS that is going on in our country is no other than Sean Hannity.

You will hear it now if you haven’t by now. Robert Mueller filed his first charges in the investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. And yes it might happen, Arrests may take place as soon as Tuesday because the charges are already sealed.

Hannity could not let this one slip through and right away he took down the narrative and exposed them saying that this is the biggest distraction that is happening at this very moment.

You can see yourself what he said below:

All of a sudden he told all of us what is going on when he turned the tables right on the media and Mueller with this next tweet.

And after all of that, he asked the same question that all of us have been asking for the past few months.

All of us should now pray for Hannity’s safety cause he has called out and exposed the distraction that is going on at the moment.

If you also support Hannity SHARE this EVERYWHERE so more people can see the TRUTH and what is going on. Thanks for reading

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