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WATCH: Sebastian Gorka GUTS CNN’s Jake Tapper On Live Television

Delegate Right hand to the President Sebastian Gorka sat down with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday for a sensation meet in which he approached the prevailing press to proceed onward from the Russian obstruction issue.

Tapper reacted to this by offending Sebastian Gorka’s insight and proposing that he is not as skillful as Ben Rhodes, who Barack Obama’s Delegate National Security Consultant for Key Interchanges.

Gorka countered Tapper’s affront with an entire smack down…

Gorka began by saying, “. . . policies that were born in the Beltway by people who’ve never worn a uniform, the people that were in the White House like Ben Rhodes . . . they helped create the firestorm that is the Middle East, that is ISIS today, so we are open to new ideas because the last sixteen years have failed American national interests and the American taxpayer.”

“There were plenty of people who wore a uniform who advised President Obama and President Bush . . .” Tapper stated, attempting to argue for the sake of arguing, however Gorka interposed before he could wrap up.

“Not people who were as influential as Ben Rhodes, who had a masters degree in fictional writing . . . THAT is disastrous,” Gorka also said.

That is when Tapper hit Gorka with the low blow.

“Well, Im sure he would put his graduate degree against yours any day of the week; but Sebastian Gorka I appreciate your time,” Tapper said.

“Any time, I’d be glad to debate him on your show,” Gorka fired back.

Gorka later multiplied down on this on Twitter, composing:

We’re happy to see Gorka thump a presumptuous individual from the predominant press like Tapper down a peg!

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