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Steve Scalise Did Something AMAZING The Second He Returned To House

Steve Scalise

During a baseball practice, Steve Scalise and his assistants were shot at, this happened in June. Steve was dragging himself off the field because he was shot in his hip.

But the media is not telling anyone that James Hodgkinson was a Bernie aid. In American politics that was a very sad day, but now things turned around and those sad days for Steve Scalise now turned out to be happy.

This is Steve Scalise now… take a look.

After Scalise’s assassination attempt this Thursday was the first time he returned to the House of Representatives. He also walked in the chamber on his crutches, it was a great moment.

This is what Scalise said:


See his speech in the VIDEO below:

All of us need this country to be the GREATEST again, that’s why we need everyone back. Also, the media never talked about it. Scalise was also the victim of leftist violence, that’s the saddest thing.

SHARE this everywhere to welcome Steve Scalise back. He needs our support. Thanks for reading. Bless you all.

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