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SUDDEN DEATH: What Hillary Clinton Just Said Trump Did With Russia Is INCOMPREHENSIBLE

Hello, on the off chance that you have been watching Hillary Clinton the length of I have, you would think “There is nothing this lady could do to shock me now.” Well… Astound!

Today Hillary went to CodeCon to attempt and win over some new contributors. That is the place she propelled a fear inspired notion which makes Outsiders fabricating the Pyramids look absolutely ordinary:

Hillary Clinton announced Trump plotted with A great many Russian specialists to fill Facebook with falsehoods.

Truly, I couldn’t make this sort of stuff up in the event that I needed to. This is the sudden demise of any outstanding respectability she had cleared out.

As per the Authority in-Sheets, Facebook was loaded with “altogether” fake stories about her that were outlined and spread by the “1,000 Russian operators required in conveying those messages.”

Here are 3 Unique clarifications for a similar question all from a similar meeting today.

It’s alright, on the grounds that in a similar meeting she said she won the decision, practically beat Obama in 2008, and spared the DNC when it was very nearly crumple.

No doubt, this lady has plainly lost her marbles. The tragic part is that each and every meeting she does she finds another individual to fault for the misfortune. Her rundown so far has been:

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