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The SWAMP Is PANICKING After These Brutal Words Judge Jeanine Just Said On Live TV


In an epic rant about the cabal of swap creatures who need to go Judge Jeanine just put the pedal to the metal all out on Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, John Podesta and many others.

This absolutely might be one of the most EPIC rants in the history of television. She explained that the swamp were the ones who were always making the moves while over and over again blaming Trump and his family of collaborating with Russia.

Watch the VIDEO below to see Judge Jeanine SLAMMING The Swamp:


She also talked about how while the DNC and Hillary paid $12 million for a dossier to make the connection, the Obama organization started the Trump/Russia connection conspiracy.

The dossier was created to be used to make a basis for congressional hearings; make the basis for wall to wall anti-Trump coverage and create a special counsel. The other things that the dossier was used for are for wiretaps, unmasking, FISA warrants, and investigations.

Everything that came after it makes it now unusable and illegal; cause we all know now that the DNC and the Swamp were the ones who did this.

As their friends were collecting the money involved in the deal they have made up a crime; and accused the Republicans; of the crime and called their friends to prosecute the crime that makes it the essence of the crime itself.

Now the Swamp will do anything they can to keep their power and we all need to pray and do everything to keep Judge Jeanine Pirro safe.

SHARE this EVERYWHERE if you also want to help Judge Jeanine to get this message out in order to take these crooks down. Thanks for reading.


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