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Every Single TERRORIST Is Disturbed After Trump’s Speech At The UN


President Trump didn’t disappoint the Americans at his UN debut today.

Our President guaranteed during his debut speech at the UN to destroy anyone who tries to threaten and goes against the ideology “America first”.

North Korea was the mostly the target of his speech, but not the only ones who were called out by Trump.

This is what Trump said:

“We will stop RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM, because we cannot allow it to tear up our nation and, indeed, the entire world.”

Watch the VIDEO below:

It waas assumed that President Trump had already given up on his promise to call out the enemy. This is because he hadn’t used the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” for months before the event took place.

This time he deffinetly brought it back in the most DOMINANT way possible.

Trumps move was followed by two other presidents who avoided to use that phrase so they obey to political regularity.

But our President CLEARLY will NOT back down to PC culture and terrorists.

If you SUPPORT and LOVE Trump; SHARE this so the World can see what kind of a LEADER is our PRESIDENT.

WE need to SHOW that AMERICA is on the TOP.

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