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Top Republican: The DNC May Have Ties to Terror

The mainstream media is totally making light of what many are thinking about to be the greatest security break in American history.

Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-FL), is putting forth his help for a hypothesis that has been circling since the capture of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s previous IT staff member, Imran Awan. In particular, DeSantis is worried that Awan was wiring large sums of cash to Pakistan; a known supporter of universal psychological terror oppression.

Imran Awan was captured toward the end of last month at Dulles International Airport in Virginia. He was planning to load onto a plane for Pakistani. Awan educated Democrats in the House that he was seeing family in Pakistan, and he had bought a six-month round trek ticket.

In any case, Awan’s current capture is the climax of a month-long examination. Experts looked Alvi and found over $12,000 covered up in her bag. Police couldn’t stop Alvi’s travel, and she has not come back to America.

While the Awans have been formally accused of bank extortion, Rep. DeSantis and others are worried that significantly more was going on.

In spite of his absence of getting to, Wasserman Schultz kept on utilizing Awan as a guide until his capture in July. Wasserman Schultz’s office was wanting to pay Awan for the half year he was to be out of the nation.

Awan approached each email, secret record, and correspondence of each congressional delegate. Also, he more than once shunned customary practices that produce a paper trail specifying who got to which PC documents and when.

A best IT staff member clarified that the Awans had finish control over the PC frameworks of numerous Democrats. “In actuality, they are given authoritative control of the Members’ PC operations. They at that point set up a remote get to so they can associate from wherever they are and have full access to everything on the Member’s framework,” the staff member said.

“While we can never endure ruptures of people in general trust; the wire exchange to Pakistan is especially disturbing as Pakistan is home to various fear based oppressor associations,”; said DeSantis.

“The affirmations exacted against Imran Awan are disturbing and could have genuine national security repercussions,” DeSantis proceeded. “The Department of Justice must work to promptly moderate the harm done by Awan and take whatever measures are vital. Including solidifying illegal assets, with a specific end goal to completely research this episode.”

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