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The Thing That Leftists Don’t Want Getting Out Just Got Revealed By Tucker


As we all can see even a man like Tucker Carlson can’t stand this no more. The one thing that the lefties wanted to stay forgotten was revealed by Tucker last night.

The term Racism even though is a bad thing the leftists have NEUTERED the term and Tucker wants to make AMERICA realize that.

This is what Tucker said:

“You know, it wasn’t that long ago when calling someone ‘racist’ was a big deal. It was a devastating attack on a person’s character, if not blood libel.”

“Now, everywhere you look, people just barely to the right of Al Gore are being denounced as white supremacists, white nationalists, neo-Confederates.”

Watch the VIDEO below:

It so bad to see that Conservatives who are not racist are labeled as racist because of wat they are. And That’s enough to fire up Antifa attack.

The blue colored black folks are hurt as bad as the white because of the awful working conditions and America used to see that. We as a country always used to know that the divide has never been exactly racial.

If you agree with Tucker like us that the Republican party is a party of unity and tolerance SHARE this EVERYWHERE so everyone can see. Thanks for readin. Bless you all.

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