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BREAKING: Tragic Announcement About Kenny Rogers

Country music legend Kenny Rogers made a terrible declaration not long ago when he uncovered that he will be resigning toward the finish of the current 200-date visit he is on.

Presently, he is opening up about how enthusiastic it will be for him to perform with kindred legend Dolly Parton for the last time.

“I told Dolly, ‘I am going to say goodbye and spend more time with my wife and kids,’” said Rogers.

“So she replied, ‘It’s been 13 years since we sang on stage together. You cannot get out of town without us doing something.’”

He included that it was Parton who recommended making a unique one-night-just occasion out of appreciation for his retirement.

“Working with Dolly is always emotional because we have so much history together,” he explained on their 30-year friendship.

“Dolly is an old and dear friend. You either have old friends or you don’t and I have always had a friend in Dolly. We have always supported each other and have mutual respect.”

Rogers and Parton re’ set to make that big appearance for the last time together on October 25 in Nashville.

There, they will perform two part harmonies like “Islands in the Stream” and “You Can’t Make Old Companions” amid the All In for the Speculator: Kenny Rogers’ Goodbye Show Festivity.

“Performing with Kenny for the last time ever on October 25th is going to be emotional for both of us, but it’s also going to be very special,” Parton said in a statement.

“Even though Kenny may be retiring, as he fades from the stage, our love for each other will never fade away.”

“I think we owe it to her to let her go on with her career, but we owe it to me to do it one more time, and we’re going to do that,” Rogers added.

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