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WATCH: Trump Just Called Up Guam And Gave BEST News Imaginable

What the liberals need to call an “excursion” has really been President Trump working all day and all night to protect us from dangers on all sides. Hell, only 2 days prior Kim Jong Un debilitated to nuke Guam (a US domain)!

So what did President Trump do? All things considered, just the best thing possible. He rang Senator Eddie Baza Calvo, who posted the entire video on the web, and gave him the news Guam needed to hear:

President Trump guaranteed that the US is going to protect Guam from North Korea.

As y’all can obviously observe from that video, Senator Calvo is unmistakably a major enthusiast of the way Trump handles himself. Representing the general population of Guam, he said he has NEVER felt more secure than he does with Trump in charge.

It’s a justifiable opinion considering the things the US has given North Korea and China a chance to do in that district since the mid 90’s. Because of a group of fizzled US authority, North Korea has ICBMs with plutonium nukes connected and China is building simulated military Islands in the South China Ocean.

Likewise, you may have seen them 2 talked a lot about tourism in Guam. Things being what they are the point at which they are not under danger, Guam truly is a tropical heaven. They even put out a promotion about their tourism to exploit the mayhem.

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