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Trump Just DESTROYED CNN With One Brilliant Tweet

Another win for President Trump came early Monday morning when he instructed CNN and other liberal media for failing to adequately cover the tremendous change in our occupation numbers and the overall fight against ISIS.

Our President has continued considering the media (CNN) in charge of carrying out a criminally disproportional measure of the degree to the persistent Russia examinations.

“Sooner or later the Fake News will be compelled to talk about our incredible employments numbers, solid economy, accomplishment with ISIS, the fringe and so much else!” He Tweeted.

All to the drawback of examining rock solid money related pointers and military advances in the fight against ISIS. It’s similarly hard to dismiss the President’s check conviction; prescribing with the tweet that he believes his association’s forward vitality will unavoidably compel the media to reshape their record.

With President Trump, what you see is the thing that you get; and that is all he’s asking from the media. This country also needs to push ahead and let go of trivial grievances and halfcocked bits of talk. We need to help our striking pioneer and his record-breaking; association by shining a light on this strange reporting at whatever point possible.

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