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Trump Drops TRUTH BOMB About Sean Spicer. Is He Right?

sean spicer
Since Sean Spicer has surrendered, President Trump is allowed to talk his mind about the previous Press Secretary.

“Sean Spicer is a magnificent individual who took tremendous abuse from the Fake News Media – yet his future is brilliant!,” Said President Trump in a current tweet, wishing his companion the best in his future attempts.

Sean Spicer declared his expectation of leaving as White House Press Secretary as his part in the Trump Administration has been lessening as of late.

The abdication was formally submitted hours before a White House meeting where Anthony Scaramucci was designated the White House Communications Director – Sean Spicer’s manager.

Anthony Scaramucci pulled in President Trump’s consideration after he could compel CNN to withdraw a fake anecdote about President Trump prompting the renunciation of three CNN columnists.

Sean Spicer will stay in his part as Press Secretary until August. In any case, Spicer has been depended on less and less as of late.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been filling in for Sean Spicer in the day by day squeeze preparation. She has held a larger number of meetings than Spicer has over the most recent two weeks.

She is presently the most recent focus of the media’s mishandling.

The prevailing press is as of now assaulting the new Press Secretary. The tolerant left is offending her physical appearance, for goodness’ sake.

CNN has been utilizing the minimum complimenting photographs of Sarah Sanders, intimating that she is overweight and cross looked at. These assaults lessen the capable Press Secretary to her appearance. Which is absolutely superfluous to her part in the press room.

Sean Spicer has just conceded that he is diminished to be out of the warmth of President Trump’s White House. It must be hard to endure this sort of defamation and manhandle from the media every day.

Ideally, the interchanges shake up will permit the Trump Administration to remain on message as they keep on making America extraordinary once more.

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