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Earlier today, past FBI Executive James Comey confirmed before the Senate Knowledge Advisory group about his time working under Donald Trump.

By and by, President Trump has finished his quiet after the revelation; what he expected to state may astound you.

Trump flabbergasted everyone when he didn’t indicate Comey in the midst of a talk to the Confidence and Flexibility Coalition tonight.

Or maybe, he examined his certainty exercises. Referring to the Book of Isaiah, Trump expressed, “The neglected men and women will never anytime disregarded again.”

Regardless of the way that Trump himself did not determine Comey; his legal counselor Marc Kasowitz stood up before to shield the president and revoke Comey’s case that Trump asked for his “endurance.”

“The President likewise never told Mr. Comey, ‘I require dependability, I expect reliability’ in frame or substance,” Kasowitz’s says.

The lawyer called Comey a “leaker” who was endeavoring to hurt the Trump association.

“It is overwhelmingly certain that there have been and keep on being those in government who are effectively endeavoring to undermine this organization with particular and unlawful holes of grouped data and favored correspondences. Mr. Comey now conceded that he one of these leakers,” Kasowitz also composed.

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