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When Trump Found Out What James Comey Did For Clinton All HELL Broke Loose

James Comey
Months before James Comey’s official disclosure exonerating Hillary Clinton back in July 2016 it wass revealed that he had drafted a statement on Hillary’s email server.

Officials were asked to “send any comments on this statement so we may roll it into a master doc for discussion with the Director at a future date.” In an unclassified email that was released by James Rybicki in May. The subject line of that email was “Midyear Exam” and it was forwarding an email from James Comey.

James Comey waas accused of writing a draft days “before the FBI had interviewed key witnesses”; because of the claims that weree made by Lindsey Graham and Chairman Chuck back in August.

The BEST weapon of President Trump (Twitter) gott unleashed again; and he smashed James Comey by calling him “the best thing to ever happen” to Hillary Clinton.

Check out his TWEETS below:

During James Comey’s investigation into Hillary Clinton it was pretty clear that he was doing some shady stuff. Unless Comey knew that he wasn’t going to prosecute Hillary, how could he begin drafting a statement before interviewing her?

It looks like Comey’s hole is pretty deep, that’s why President Trump called Jeff Sessions to look into it.

If you THE PEOPLE want an investigation into Comey’s actions during the 2016 elections SHARE this to let Sessions know. Thanks for reading.

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