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BREAKING: Trump Jr. Ends His Silence, Drops TRUTH BOMB On Hostile Media

Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to protect himself against the most recent media witch chase.

“Media & Dems are extremely invested in the Russia story. If this nonsense meeting is all they have after a [year], I understand the desperation!”

Trump Jr. raises an imperative point as the media keep on circling him like sharks. On the off chance that this is the most condemning proof the media has of Russian agreement than they should be urgent.

The previous evening Donald Trump Jr. discharged the full transcripts of an email trade amongst himself and marketing expert Loot Goldstone about which the media was generally hypothesizing.

Last July, Victimize Goldstone reached Donald Trump Jr. what’s more, endeavored to set up a meeting between the presidential competitor’s child and a Russian attorney with soil on Hillary Clinton.

Goldstone wrote in an email to Trump Jr. that the Russian attorney, Natalia Veselnitskaya, had “data that would implicate Hillary and her dealings with Russia.”

Trump Jr. was greatly pending in discharging the messages and has reacted to remarks from journalists. Plainly this meeting was a minor event that the media is making a huge deal about.

Notwithstanding, the predominant press and the Democrat Gathering have staked their notoriety on the allegation that President Trump was conniving with Russia.

This story is the nearest thing to a start they have found in spite of all the smoke.

Donald Trump Jr. discharged an announcement and clarified that “I made a request to go to the meeting by a colleague; yet not told the name of the individual meeting with in advance”. It is crazy that the media is utilizing this as evidence of conspiracy with Russia.

More regrettable yet, the attorney that Trump Jr. met with has no associations with the Russian government. Truth told, the Russian government never known about her.

Basically, Trump raked over the coals for having a basic meeting with a lady who happens to be Russian.

Some Trump supporters are notwithstanding guessing that the whole getting; set together by the Democrats trying to legitimize wiretapping the Trump crusade.

The Russian legal advisor works with the security firm Combination GPS.

Combination GPS likewise contracted by the Democrats; to deliver the generally exposed Steele dossier affirming Putin could extortion President Trump.

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