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As Trump Met With Macron He Announced GIFT For The U.S. Military


In New York on Monday, President Trump had a meeting with Emmanuel Macron for the U.N. General Assembly.

President Trump almost always copes with everyone even though they have different views on politics, that’s because he’s a natural businessman. President Donald Trump also complimented President Emmanuel Macron on his enormous win in France. The two presidents were both elected the same year.

Then after the compliments and the talking, Trump announced the gift for the military!

Take a look at what he said:


As we all know Obama never showed off the pride he had for our military and their strength. But Trump is very different; he is a President that respects and admires our military.

Even though our military is so thrilled about the enormous event; they also can’t wait to have a chat with the American citizens the ones they fight so hard for. They will have a ton of fun doing it.

If you support our military and police you will have a lot to watch in the following months and years. You will definitely see the changes that President Trump will make about how much credit will be given to the police, military, and firefighters.

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