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BREAKING: Trump Wins Major Supreme Court Victory

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Making changes that put the American people first has been a go to for President Trump. However, pressure from Left-wing political parties made this job really challenging.

Fortunately, the Supreme Court is here to lessen the job. The Supreme Court temporarily revived Trump’s “travel ban”.

Although this may be a short-lived “revival”, it is important in the safety of the American people. Initially putting a hold on the ban, the lower courts decided that refugees are permitted to come to the United States.

However, the only way they can enter is if they received an offer from a “resettlement agency”. After signing the secondary order in March, California and Hawaii tried to sue the President. They said that this ban is wrong, questionable even calling it a joke. Hawaii’s Attorney General Douglas Chin said that: “The Trump administration has ended its odd and ill-advised quest to ban grandmas from the country”.

Arguments like this have no need in the political scene. Saying that the President wants to “ban grandmas” is just a simple provocation. However, Democrats feed on these kinds of provocations. The temporary approval is not going to change anything in the long run. The Supreme Court need to make a choice that will benefit the American people.

Despite the Democrats calling it a “Muslim Ban” it doesn’t make it true. Initially the order banned tourists from countries that have been linked with terrorist activity in the past. Countries like Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen recieved a ban for 90 days. The sole reason why the ban was put into place was to prevent another national disaster like the one on September 11th.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Salas

    September 13, 2017 at 8:00 pm

    More garbage spewing from this woman’s mouth. She was not the better candidate when weighed against Bernie, and there was NO CHANCE she was going to beat Trump (it’s just sad that the DNC could not fathom this).
    The DNC and Hillary are to blame for her loss. Not Trump, not Bernie, not Misogynists, Not Misandrists, or feminists, etc. Hillary, and the DNC when they nominated her, handed the election to Trump.
    All she has done since her loss, is BLAME EVERYONE ELSE. Sick of hearing the whining over this. I don’t remember Al Gore doing this when the election REALLY WAS STOLEN from him.
    The sooner she disappears, the sooner the Dems might be able to recover. However, as long as Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the likes of her are still around, Dems and Reps will continue to hate each other in the media, and pass laws behind closed doors to line their pockets.

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