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Trump Makes Epic ‘Power Play’ To Show Liberal Media Who Is Boss

The media has demonstrated that they are not any more capable grown-ups and President Trump has given them a period out.

The President shunned convention in his joint question and answer session with French President Emmanuel Macron. Agreeing to Dennis Michael Lynch,  instead of approaching an American columnist, President Trump tapped a Chinese correspondent to make an inquiry.

Commonly, in a joint public interview between heads of express, every president would take two inquiries each from columnists of their local nation.

Be that as it may, the American press has been carrying on severely.

The opportunity of the press is ensured under the First Amendment, yet The President is no commitment to stoop over the media. He is not closing down journalists like Obama did. Rather, Trump is disregarding their silly amusements.

Perhaps President Trump will begin approaching American correspondents again in the event that they demonstrate they can carry on. The media needs to quit distributing purposely false stories just to hurt The President.

The President approached ABC writer Cecilia Vargas for the principal question. For the second inquiry, be that as it may, he offered it to Chinese TV columnist.

The American media propelled itself into freeze mode instantly. “POTUS did not approach a US writer!” shouted New York Times columnist, Maggie Haberman, in a note circled to different columnists.

Tycoon journalists have joined themselves to the social equity warrior account of exploitation. They have persuaded themselves that President Trump is mistreating them. Obviously, protecting yourself against unmerited assaults hurled day and night is a demonstration of persecution in the brains of writers.

CNN is the most exceedingly terrible offender, as their on-air identities always gripe about President Trump’s treatment of the fake news arrange. CNN journalists have extorted supporters of President Trump for offending them on the web.

The prevailing press is totally dissolving down as The President keeps on toying with them.

Maybe they will at last take in their lesson and begin detailing genuinely on the White House. Possibly then President Trump will give them a chance to play with the adults.

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