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Trump Left North Korea Running Like Chickens After His EXTREME Threat

N Korea

N Korea is fuming the reason behind that is the ton of things that President Trump said about them which made them so mad.

But President Trump is not finished just yet, he managed to make them angry once again.

Just after the North Korean UN Ambassador’s address, North Korea was attacked with Trumps popular and also beloved weapon TWITTER.

Well, he made it very clear, N Korea won’t be on the map much longer if Kim Jong-un agrees with their Foreign Minister.

Here’s President Trump’s tweet:

“Trump’s address means that N Korea’s nuclear attack on the US is inevitable” that’s what Ri Yong Ho told the UN earlier that same day.

Because of that if they come for us they have to be destroyed and wiped of the map. After blowing up nukes on daily basis and threating like that; how they expect ANY President just so stand down and do nothing? That’s UNACCEPTABLE.

After the media takes this story Kim and his nation will be become the victims, and we all know that they are not the victims at all.

So let’s SHARE the truth EVERYWHERE before the media and the other Fake News sites turn around this story. Be fast and SPREAD this NOW. Thank you all for reading.

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