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Trump Swung To NATO Partners, Said A Certain Thing And Quickly ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE

President Trump destroyed NATO for not by any means attempting to meet their money related responsibilities amid the revealing of a remembrance committed to 9/11 casualties.

Trump made it clear that he needs every one of the NATO members needs to pay what’s coming to them. Watch what he says at moment 1:06.


Trump said that and quickly everybody look shell stunned. They are all similar to considering: “Did he simply say that?”


The United States and Estonia are the main nations that meet their vow to pay 2% of their Gross domestic product to take care of NATO expenses. Here is a diagram of their appalling record on spending. Here it is by means of Business Insider.


Like regular, Trump is 100% right in his calling for Europe to pay what’s coming to them. We should put in what’s coming to us and get Trump’s message out.

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