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Trump Did Something SHOCKING To Help This Child And He Got Standing Ovation

Donald Trump

When President Trump was speaking about how the U.S. is under threat from a lethal spread of opioid abuse he got very emotional.

The politicians are too weak, greedy or both to take any action and that is killing our communities.

The politicians are paid by the drug company’s trough dodgy research and bogus science. That proves that the crisis is man-made one.

They sent their drug salesman out to sell and claimed that these HARD drugs are not addictive. And of course, Americans bought it

The pain was an easy solution for the doctors who were dealing with patients in pain. And of course, the patients got hooked. The epidemic spread so fast because of shady doctors started opening pill mills. And everyone made a killing.

The real crisis started when the cartels got involved and stormed the streets with cheap heroin.

And the Democrats along with Obama did nothing about it and the disease was spreading like crazy.

But Trump will solve this problem from a position of strength and he will not be weakened by bribes.

Crooked doctors and drug companies will be cracked by Trump. CVS was pointed first and they will not continue to give out more than a 7 day supply at a time.

The corrupt Pharma company will be hit right in their wallet when Trump ban’s one of the most dangerous drugs that are hitting them.

President Trump also went off and said that he is helping as much as he can and the wall will be BUILT as fast as possible so it can cut the main drug supply routes. He also said that he cracked down cartels and on their smuggling and illegal immigration.

Then President Trump finished his speech with this powerful statement:

“For too long we have allowed drugs to ravish cities and towns we owe it to our children to address this national shame we must stop the flow of all types of illegal drugs into our communities. For too long dangerous criminal cartels have been allowed to spread deadly drugs in America – an astonishing amount – 90% – of heroin comes from across the border. We must give our children the blessing of a drug-free life. As a national family working together we will end this opioid epidemic and overcome addiction in America.”

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