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WATCH: Trump Issues STUNNING New VIDEO Message to France

President Trump was as of late rooted for putting out a video bashing news outlet CNN. We cherished it; the Left didn’t.

Everybody ought to have the capacity to concur with the new video the president put out. Trump discharged a short video on his Twitter account Friday evening that had a convincing message to France.

The president needed to express gratitude toward Emmanuel Macron for welcoming him and Melania to France to appreciate Bastille Day festivities.

We have dependable had a solid bond with France, and it is anything but difficult to perceive any reason why.

The Unified States and France have constantly concurred that opportunity is essential. You frequently listen To one side gush jabber that all societies matter, and everything is equivalent.

Truly, that is not the situation, possibly it is valid in their dreamland, yet, in actuality, not all societies and lifestyles are made similarly.

Consider how individuals re’ dealt with in the Center East, particularly ladies and youngsters. There is no regard there for them.

The ladies can be beaten, are not permitted to talk, must cover their bodies, and need to do whatever they are told.

The Youngsters need to experience genital mutilation on the off chance that they are female and they need to take an interest in orchestrated relational unions from as youthful as nine years of age.

Truly, in the event that you have a nine-year-old kid envision preparing them for wedding an old man. It is both appalling and aggravating.

There is likewise the way they handle religion in the Center East that demonstrates how diverse they are from places like the U.S. also, France.

Center Eastern Muslims trust that you should execute yourself as well as other people since Allah would need it to occur for salvation.

Have you at any point known about a Christian suicide shelling a school since Jesus instructed them to do it? The appropriate response is no.

Obviously, every nation issues that should settle. Western Culture is by a wide margin better than what is happening in different parts of the world.

We will keep on working together and grasp the peace and culture that unites us. More individuals need to acknowledge that they are so fortunate to live here instead of anyplace else on the planet.

When you tune in to the Democrats discuss how we have to bring more evacuees and different outsiders here it is mind boggling.

This is an issue since open outskirts can prompt crazy laws and outcomes. Would they like to wind up like the Center East?

Fortunately, President Trump recognizes what he needs to do to keep our Western Progress together. He has done well to guard us and our nation from unsafe laws.

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