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Trump TERMINATED BACK With GENIUS Message, Directly After Comey Discharged Statement


The media has been flying of the rails today about President Trump, y’all. The second Comey released his official explanation, you can bet they started tunneling to find soil on the President.

There was just a single Gigantic issue with their plan, and Trump saw it promptly…

Trump said that Comey’s declaration shown him right.

President Trump was implying his before cases that the FBI was never looking at him as a man.

Trump’s lawyer said in a declaration today,

“The President is satisfied that Mr. Comey has at last openly affirmed his private reports that the President was not under scrutiny in any Russian test.

The President feels totally and completely vindicated. He is anxious to keep on moving forward with his plan.”

In the update that James Comey released before his listening capacity tomorrow, he made 2 things clear:

Donald Trump was NEVER under FBI examination

James Comey gave Trump that information while never being asked.

For hell’s sake, don’t trust me, be that as it may. Here is basically the update.

Directly uncover to me that that in that spot ain’t some major B.S. The media endeavoring to express this revelation damns Donald Trump.

It does the opposite. Likewise, as far back as it turned out early today, beat Dems have been edging further from “arraignment” talk. I can’t imagine why.

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