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Trump Did The UNTHINKABLE Just Moments Before NFL Sunday Started


All of the NFL players who kneel while the national anthem is played will be confronted by President Trump.

Trump was told by the athletes to step down. He was also told to back off by the NFL too. The celebrities and the media did the same thing. But President Trump doesn’t listen to no one, he SLAPPED them 10 times HARDER.

Earlier today Trump attacked with his favorite weapon again TWITTER. He said that NFL fans should STOP going to the games until the NFL and the players start to respect the American FLAG, and if anyone breaks the rule should be fired or suspended.

Here’s President Trumps tweet:

President Trump was hiding what he was feeling about the players that disrespect the national anthem for a while, but these were some VERY rigid words. For anyone to protest is ok but to disrespect all of the soldiers who gave their lives that’s not ACCEPTABLE.

The athletes didn’t break the law and the President it’s not trying to put them in jail, all of the teams who protected those players were not punished either. He is just voicing his opinion that everyone should take it very seriously.

Because of the First Amendment, every single American just like the President is entitled to voice that opinion.

Should the athletes be allowed to kneel and disrespect the national anthem or should the NFL suspend those who do that? Tell us in the COMMENTS below your opinion on this.

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