Donald Trump’s Life Is Threatened By Johnny Depp

Hollywood A-lister Johnny Depp has wound up in high temp water today after he transformed into the latest star to undermine to kill President Donald Trump.

Breitbart declared that Depp was appearing at the Unified Kingdom’s outstanding Glastonbury Celebration when he made the disturbing against Trump comments.

“I think Donald Trump needs assistance. There are a considerable measure of dim spots he could go,” Johnny also started.

“I’m not suggesting anything – incidentally, this will be in the press and it will be horrendous – however when was the last time a performing artist killed a president?”

“I need to clear up, I am not a performing artist. I also lie as a profession. Be that as it may, it has been a while, and possibly the time has come,” he proceeded.

Twitter clients also rapidly made it clear that they felt Depp had gone too far:


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  1. And don’t forget Snoop Dog making a gun towards him!!!! One thing about this gal is i not only know how to dig up records on people as well as i have family not only in the U.S. as well as in England !!! Yes our family is that big & we use what god gave us between our ears for the best. Which is why my father was a Mayor, one sister retired from working for a county judge and Now works for a FEDERAL JUDGE, the other sister is both an R.N. as well as a L.E.O., and her husband is a L.E.O., and i’m an R.N. as well as i did custom leather work over the road for sometime. But i also about gave my lawyer a heart attack in court when i handed him certified sealed copies of my now ex’s juv’y records and YES YOU CAN GET THEM !!! Think about how or use what god gave you between your ears for the best !!! Lou

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