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EU Warns Turkey After It Violates Greek Airspace 141 Times In One Day

Turkish airplanes and helicopters illegally entered Greece’s airspace 141 times yesterday

According to Greek press reports, 20 Turkish F-16, 5 CN-235 maritime surveillance aircraft, and 19 helicopters entered the Athens flight information region (FIR) without presenting a flight plan.

In almost all cases, Greek fighters recognized and intercepted the Turkish aircraft. While in nine cases the interception almost resulted in combat.

Likewise, two Turkish rocket vessels entered Greek regional waters off the southeast Aegean island of Agathonisi.

The vessels, which were partaking in a sea practice code-named Denizkurdu (Seawolf), remained in Greek regional waters for around 20 minutes. A month ago Turkey’s Minister of European Union Affairs Omer Celik depicted Agathonisi as a “Turkish island”.

While the EU and the international community perceive the sovereignty of Greece over the Greek Aegean islands, Turkey has a rundown of issues with respect to the delimitation of regional waters, national airspace, elite zones, and so forth. Ankara also claims “gray zones” of undetermined sovereignty over various little isles, most prominently the islets of Imia/Kardak.

The incidents happened only a couple of hours after the meeting of Greek premier Alexis Tsipras with Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan in Beijing.

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a solid dispatch saying that the occurrence ” constitutes a flagrant violation of international law “.

Plainly there are strengths in Turkey that don’t need understanding and great neighborly relations between the two nations,

the Greek service included.

Meanwhile, pressures amongst Ankara and Berlin additionally heightened.

The German government is investigating the likelihood of moving its troops out of Turkey’s Incirlik air base. Following the prevention of German parliamentary delegation from visiting the Incirlik office.

We’re not going to be blackmailed by the Ankara government.

Said Wolfgang Hellmich, the director of the Bundestag Defense Committee.


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