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Pro-Assad forces in Syria Hit By United States Airstrike

The Islamic State group has launched an offensive against government forces in Syria.

The attack was close to the interstate that connects the capital Damascus and the northern city of Aleppo. Thursday’s assault comes as government powers are on the offensive against the extremists in different parts of Syria.

Syria’s state news organization SANA said troops and pro-government gunmen repulsed the IS assault on towns in Hama territory.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said IS caught a few armed force positions in the area and killed nine troops. It said troops launched a counteroffensive under the cover of airstrikes.

State TV said that IS shelling on the close-by town of Salamiyeh injured 2 civillians.

The United Nations special envoy for Syria says discussions have started as a part of his intervention endeavors to end the six-year-old civil war.

The office of Staffan de Mistura said Thursday there would be a meeting with representatives of the Syrian government delegation “on issues and thoughts on established process.

The envoy’s proposition said the point was to stay away from a lawful “vacuum” amid a possible political transition period.

Restriction representative Salem Meslet says talks are concentrating on

the constitutional ground for a political transition process based on the formation of a body with full executive powers.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirms 52 individuals were killed in the fighting. The death toll includes 15 civilians, 27 Syrian troopers and 10 unidentified individuals.

As indicated by the Observatory, IS assaulted a few government-held towns in the region on Thursday. The vast majority of the occupants have a place with the Ismaili branch of Shiite Islam.

Bashar al-Ja’afari, who is Syria’s U.N. ambassador, says the subject was raised on the administration’s “own drive,”. However, he demanded that Damascus “won’t acknowledge any impedance” on the constitution.

Al-Ja’afari said he trusted the understanding would “help in driving this round forward” and demanded it had “nothing to do” with conceivable political move looked for by the resistance.

Meanwhile Syrian opposition activists say a presumed coalition airstrike has hit a caravan of pro-government government drives in the desert close to the outskirt with Jordan.

A U.S. official confirmed that an airstrike in southern Syria happened on Thursday.

A few Syrian opposition media bunches with activists in the area say the airstrike hit a convoy of government troops and associated militiamen. They were on the road to the Tanf zone, where Syria’s outskirts with Jordan and Iraq meet.

The Palmyra News Network, says the assault at the Zarka crossroads, around 27 kilometers or 17 miles from the border, decimated various vehicles and caused casualties.

The territory is a source of tension as both government powers and U.S.- backed rebels progress there. Both the administration forces and the rebels are attempting to defeat Islamic State aggressors from the territory.

U.S. authorities say an American airstrike has hit pro-Syrian government forces in southern Syria while setting up fighting positions in a secured zone.

Authorities say the strike hit a tank and a bulldozer and forces there.

Meanwhile, one official says the pro-regime forces entered a so-called “de-confliction” zone without approval. And U.S.- associated troops there saw them as a risk. The authorities say the strike was a defensive move to protect the U.S. allies. It wasn’t clear if U.S. strengths were there.

A show of force and evident Russian attempts failed to deter those troops from moving into the “de-conflicted territory.”

The de- conflicted zone, is situated around Tanf, where the borders of Jordan, Syria, and Iraq meet.

An announcement says coalition strengths have been working in the range in the fight against IS.

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