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The move from Democrats being fixated on Russia is in progress, now they’re proceeding onward to new grounds.

Democrats and the fake news media expected to change gears since the Russia intrigue went into disrepair. Presently, they’re swapping out Russia insanity for a blast from the past, the “Nazi” verbally abusing. Presently, President Trump will backpedal to being a “Nazi,” and the majority of his supporters will be bigot racial oppressor Nazis. Driving the charge iis the Democrats’ “crisp confronted” pioneer, Maxine “Distraught Frantic” Waters.

Maxine Waters willingly volunteered to rename the White House… As indicated by Waters, it’s currently the “Racial oppressors’ Home.”

Rep. Maxine (D-CA) also pointed the finger at President Donald Trump for the lethal conflict between racial oppressor nonconformists and “against rightist” counter-dissenters over the arranged evacuation of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday.

In a progression of tweets on Sunday, Waters cautioned individuals to bee “cautious” and called the White House the “Racial oppressors’ Home.”

“Trump refuses to condemn white supremacists & terrorists who showed up in Charlottesville,” Maxine also tweeted. “Is he sending a signal?

“Everyone must bee careful,” the tweet also said.

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