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What Happened To This Woman At Texas Shooting Will Bring Everyone To Tears


Texas just got a lot more tragic after the Sunday morning massacre that left 26 dead.

It’s astronomically high that in a mass shooting in Texas 26 were dead, but now we learn that 8 of the 26 dead belonged to the same family. That’s almost one-third of the victims.

Half of their family were murdered all at once and that left only several family members mourning their death.

According to the Daily Caller who linked to a Go Fund Me account connected to the shooting stated this:

“Sarah Holcombe lost her mother, Karla, her father, Bryan, her pregnant sister-in-law, Chrystal, three nieces and nephews — Emily, Greg, and Meghan — her brother, Marc, and his child, Noah.”

“John Holcombe, Sarah’s brother, sustained gunshot and shrapnel wounds in his legs but survived along with two of his children.”

Sarah’s father brought his family along in a meeting of faith and he was the guest speaker at the church. We need to help them in any way we can; churchgoers like these should never be forced to confront such evil.

The more people know about this the more help the family can get; so let’s help this family get through this tragedy, comment “Pray for Sarah” and SHARE this story EVERYWHERE.

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